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What to expect at your first chiropractic appointment

At City Chiropractic our chiropractors are here to help - whether its back pain, neck pain or headaches, our goal is to get you feeling better and living better as soon as possible.

All treatments are one-to-one with a Chiropractor in private treatment rooms.

All New Patient consultations include first treatment.

Discount available for Students and Under 18's

1. Initial Consultation

To get to the root cause of your pain, we will first ask you to complete a confidential medical history.  We will then discuss your health, aches and pains with you and what you hope to get from your treatment.

2. Examination

We will ask you to change into a modesty gown (you can wear loose, comfy clothing if that is more suitable for you) and we will do some short tests to assess your movement, posture, joints and muscles. We may also assess your blood pressure, heart, lungs, eyes and ears if necessary.


3. Discussion of findings

At this point we will explain how we think we can help and what treatments may benefit you. We will also advise on how long it will take for you to see results.

4. Treatment

If we think chiropractic can help you, then we will begin treatment with your permission. As each treatment is bespoke for each patient, one session can include a combination of chiropractic adjustment, trigger point therapy, stretching, massage and Western medical acupuncture. You will then be advised if you need to come back and may be given some exercises or lifestyle adjustments to do in your own time that will help you get better as soon as possible!

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