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Free Spinal Screenings

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Feeling stiff and achy but not sure chiropractic treatment is right for you?

Come and have a 15 minute chat and check up with one of our chiropractors for free!

Our chiropractors can tell you about our treatments, give you a brief examination and discuss if chiropractic treatment would be beneficial for you.

The most common reason for seeing a chiropractor is for musculoskeletal pain and chiropractors have been shown to be able to help with:

•    Back pain and stiffness
•    Neck pain and stiffness
•    Sports injuries
•    Wrist pain
•    Tennis/golfers elbow
•    Headaches and migraines
•    Joint pain and stiffness
•    Shoulder pain
•    Pain between shoulder blades
•    Hip/groin pain
•    Knee/ankle pain

Available to book online at the link below 

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