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Can I book an appointment myself or do I need a referral from a GP?

Chiropractors in the UK are considered primary health practitioners. This means that no referral is needed from a GP or any other healthcare professional to start treatment.

What do people come to chiropractors for?

The most common reason for seeing a chiropractor is for musculoskeletal pain and chiropractors have been shown to be able to help with:
•    Back pain and stiffness
•    Neck pain and stiffness
•    Sports injuries
•    Wrist pain
•    Tennis/golfers elbow
•    Headaches and migraines
•    Joint pain and stiffness
•    Shoulder pain
•    Pain between shoulder blades
•    Hip/groin pain
•    Knee/ankle pain

Will I be given treatment on my first visit?

If your chiropractor does not require any additional testing (X-ray, MRI, blood tests etc.) then, with your permission, your chiropractor will start treatment on your first visit.

How long are chiropractic appointments?

For new patient appointments – these are between 40-60 minutes and include consultation and treatment.

For treatment appointments – these are up to 20 minutes, however double appointments are available.

I have health insurance – can I still come to see one of your chiropractors?

Yes! We have chiropractors who are BUPA, Aviva and AXA certified, among others. You can always check with us first prior to booking an appointment.


To book an appointment please phone us on 0131 558 3535 or use the contact form.

How many chiropractic sessions will I need?

This varies from person to person, depending on what issue it is that is being treated. Our chiropractors initially aim for 4 – 6 treatments but this can be increased or decreased. Some people come multiple times a week while others come once every 6 months!

What treatments do you offer?

Chiropractic treatments are bespoke to each patient and tailored to your needs/goals which is discussed in the first visit. Treatment can consist of a combination of chiropractic adjustment, stretching, massage, trigger point therapy, western medical acupuncture and exercise/lifestyle advice. No treatment will be done without your consent. We also have two experienced massage therapists who offer bespoke treatments.

What is the ‘popping noise’ when I get adjusted?

The ‘pop’ is simply the sound of bubbles of gas popping in the fluid of the joint as the pressure is released. It is not the bones cracking!

Will it be painful?

Not usually, chiropractic treatment is a gentle and effective method of treating a multitude of aches and pains in the muscles and joints.  Some patients may experience temporary aches and stiffness in the days following treatment. We will never do anything that you are uncomfortable with or without prior consent.

I am not sure if chiropractic would be right for me, what can I do?

Our chiropractors can book you in for a free 10-15 minute check up and chat to see if chiropractic would help you. This includes a gentle check of your spine and discussion of any aches and pains that are concerning you.

Can I get chiropractic treatment AND a massage?

Yes! Massage and chiropractic care complement each other well and many patients get both - either in the same day or in alternating weeks/months as part of their maintenance care.

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

Of course, you are welcome to bring a partner/friend/parent or child if that makes you feel more comfortable at your appointment.

Do you have student discount?

Yes, we have student discount for chiropractic treatments and 60 minute massages only. You can book this online or give us a call - make sure to bring a valid student ID to your appointment!

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